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Welcome to Bediroğlu Tekstil Careers!
We, at Bediroğlu Tekstil, are a leading manufacturer of carpets and prayer rugs in the industry. In addition to providing quality products, we also engage in import and export activities, operating in the international market.

In addition to offering quality products to our customers, we also value our employees and continue to grow collaboratively.

As human resources, we contribute to our company culture with respect, commitment, and dedication to our work and employees.
Employee Values
As part of the Bediroğlu Tekstil family, we believe in the following values:
Professionalism: We are committed to performing our work at the highest standards and provide opportunities for professional development.
Collaboration: We respect each other, communicate openly, and achieve greater success by working together.
Creativity: We encourage innovative ideas, think solution-oriented, and aim for continuous improvement.
Sustainability: We support environmentally friendly production and business practices, acting with social responsibility awareness.
Career Opportunities
Bediroğlu Tekstil offers training and development programs to support employees' career development.

With our performance-based promotion system and internal job openings, you can have the opportunity to utilize your talents to the fullest.

Application Process
We carefully evaluate candidates who wish to join the Bediroğlu Tekstil family. You can apply by sending your CV and cover letter to

After reviewing your application, we will proceed to the interview stage with suitable candidates. At Bediroğlu Tekstil, we are eagerly looking forward to meeting talented individuals like you.

Take the step towards more information and growth with us!
Best regards, Bediroğlu Tekstil Human Resources

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